Know how to send letter to hundreds of people in one click | What is mail merge? How to do mail merge?

Hello friends, no one has time today. Everyone wants to do more work in less time. Which makes it easier for him to work. But to get more work done in less time, you need to do smart work. That’s why today we are going to tell you about Mail Merge. With the help of which you can send any letter to many people at once. Along with this, no one will even know that the letter that has come to them has been sent to many people at once. So let’s tell you how,

What is mail merge?

Mail merge works to speed up your work. You can use it while working on MS word. With the help of this, you do not have to type again and again to send a letter etc. to many people. It is typed in this way on the same letter. So that all the people you want to send that letter to. It gets printed out with everyone’s name and address. Due to which you do not have to worry again and again and your time is also saved. Also, there is only a small margin of error in this.

How to do mail merge?

You can use the process of ‘mail merge’ in the Ms word of the computer. If you have basic knowledge of Ms word, then by following the steps which we are going to tell you, you can understand Mail merge very well and can make the work easier with its help next time.

1. Go to tool menu> Letters and mailing> Mail merge

First of all, open Ms word in your computer or laptop. Your Ms word is of any year, you can easily mail merge in that too. So you do not need to panic because of old Ms word.

As mentioned above, as soon as you click on Mail Merge, a dialog box appears in front of you. In this, you are asked what kind of document you want to work on. Such as ‘Letter, Email, labels, Envelops’ etc. After selecting any one of these, you click on the ‘NEXT’ button.

After this a new dialog box will appear in front of you. In which you have to choose in which document you want to work. After selecting it, you again click on the ‘Next’ button.

After this a new dialog box will open in front of you again. In which you will be asked whether you want to work on a new database or will work on the old existing database only. To create a new database, you have to click on ‘Type a new list’ and go to ‘Create’.

Type a new list> create> customize , After clicking on customize a box will appear in front of you. Where some columns may have already been made. You can name these columns, crop them and make any changes as you wish. It will depend on what kind of database you want to create. In this, you save all the databases one by one and go ahead.

After this, whatever database you have prepared, you can see it by opening it in ‘Greeting lines and Document’. And then proceed by clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

With this the process of mail merge will be completed and after that you print all the documents. There are three options for you to print. First of all there is All in it. All- means whether you want to print everything. After this ‘Current Record’ comes. This means you want to print only the current record. ‘From’ Inside this, you are asked about from where you want to print. The number of commands you give is printed only.

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