UIDAI has eased the biggest difficulty of pensioners, pension will be made sitting at home

Life Certificate news Amidst the spread of Omicron virus, UIDAI has solved the problem of pensioners submitting Life Certificate. UIDAI has launched FACE AUTHENTICATION SERVICE for pensioners.

Amidst the unfold of Omicron virus, UIDAI has solved the good problem of pensioners to submit Life Certificates. UIDAI has launched FACE AUTHENTICATION SERVICE for pensioners. By way of this, any pensioner may give proof of his existence by sitting at residence. A cellular app has been launched for this function. Its title is AadhaarFaceRd App.

Allow us to inform that the Modi authorities has taken this step underneath the Ease of Submitting Life Certificates marketing campaign. With this, the pensioner will now not need to face the inconvenience of slicing the financial institution or treasury.

Download AadhaarFaceRd App from Google Play Store.

After the RD service is installed, it will appear in the settings.

Download Jeevan Pramaan Face Application from https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/package/download

Click on Client Installation Document for Android Face App.

Provide the required information -> A link will be sent to the mail id -> Click on the link -> The file gets downloaded in the download folder.

Open the app -> Give required permission-> This will open a screen for operator authentication-> Provide required information-> Submit-> Enter OTP-> Operator face will be scanned-> If correct, pop-up will appear” Client registration successful”.

Note : –

  1. Operator authentication is a one-time process.
  2. Pensioner can also be an operator.
  3. After operator authentication, a screen will open for pensioner authentication.
  4. One operator can generate DLC of multiple pensioners.
    pensioner certification
  • Fill the required details-> Submit-> Enter OTP-> Then Submit
  • Fill all the details correctly as shown on the screen, click on both the checkboxes and submit.
    (Note:- Due to wrong information, the updation of DLC in the Pension Disbursement Office cannot be done)
  • Click on the checkbox and Scan for Live Photograph.
  • In this pop-up window select “Yes” to continue with the scan process.
  • Click on the checkbox and proceed.
  • While performing face authentication, keep your face straight and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After face scanning the DLC submission with proof ID and PPO number appears on the mobile screen.

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